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Eagala Certified Equine Specialist


Whispering Hearts Farm began as a vision long before it was established.  It is birthed from my own personal life experiences and desire to create a safe space for people to find healing and peace through the love of Christ.   It’s a place where broken hearts can mend and you can escape from the outside chatter of the world and quiet down your heart and mind.


Much of the inspiration first came from an amazing woman in Bend, Oregon who started a small ranch with rescue horses.  And as she gave food, love and shelter to these animals along came broken kids with many of the same afflictions as the horses.  She wrote about her journey in a book called “Hope Rising” and it was an instrumental read along the way of my own healing journey. 


I found myself many years later with this incubated dream in my heart to do something similar to Kim Meeder, and began with my own rescue horse, Buttercup.  Motley, thin and under nourished I took this creature into my farm and steadily loved on her until she became a beautiful, more confident and partner I’d be able to work with in therapy.


In 2018, while preparing to move ahead with certification in a program designed by founding members of EAGALA, I went to Kim Meeder’s Crystal Peaks Youth ranch in Oregon to participate in a similar ministries program and learn about the nuts and bolts of starting a ministry using horses as the facilitators to growth and learning and healing.  Then in 2019, having qualified for acceptance into EAGALA’s program, proceeded with my own certification as an Equine Specialist.


The road hasn’t moved quickly to accomplishing this vision, but isn’t that just how healing itself works?  Step by step, I’ve been adding to the vision and soon will offer the sessions that will inspire and facilitate healing to the many broken hearted, substance addicted and abused.

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